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Family Based Immigration

Law offices of Nicklaus Misiti has helped numerous clients bring family members to the US through consular processing or “adjust” the status of members that are already within the US border. Whether it is a child, spouse, fiance, parent or sibling our firm can help you to obtain a legal status for them. We are also experienced with handling various waivers if there is an inadmissibility or criminal issue.

Our firm is considered an expert in family based immigration. We have one of the best records of uniting families through spousal based and immediate family based petitions. Moreover, a number of individuals are falsely accused of entering into fraudulent marriages. We have a proven method to fight against these charges before it’s too late. We are also thoroughly experienced in all types of waivers, including I601 Waivers, I212 Waivers, and Adam Walsh Waivers.

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