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Client Testimonials

“Nick Was Wonderful, Helpful, & Respectful. We Had A Tough Case And He Handled It Quickly And Honestly. We Felt Comfortable With His Advice And Knowledge And Would Recommend Him To Anyone. He Was Thoughtful And Understood The Importance Of Our Issues. Our Process Was Long and Drawn Out and He Handled It Professionally and As Timely As Possible.”

Meagan P.

“Excellent. Best decision to hire him.”

Graciela B.

“He’s professional.”

Ahmed B.

“Nick is a hard working lawyer, knowledgeable and I got treated with respect. Nick is the good one and I highly recommend!”

Poonyaporn P.

“I was treated with utmost respect and I don’t think I could have made a better decision. Excellent.”

Michael O.

“Just great perfect!! Honest, Fast and Professional.”

Yasser S.

“Atty. Misiti is very knowledgeable about immigration law and he helped greatly in getting my VAWA petition approved. He is also quick to respond via email. I definitely would recommend his services to friends.”


“Attorney is good, he kept me update about my case and I was comfortable working with him. I recommended him to my family members and he helps them with their cases as well.”


“Nick is who you need get your problem solved.”

Eddie D.

“Highly recommended”

Ankur S.

“Friendly and very good lawyer. Was always in contact with us and was straightforward with answers. Mr. Misiti thinks before answering any question and he actually cares for the people.”

Bianny M.

“Very respectful and professional. Professional, kind, and flexible financial help.”

Sami K.

“Nick is a great attorney. I hired him in my immigration case and he was so proficient. He did a great job with filling all the applications in an extremely professional way. I think that that he has helped me a lot. I heard that a lot of people have to change their lawyers many times but I trusted Nick from the beginning and he did a great job. He responds timely to my questions and keeps me informed all the time. He is perfect!!”

Bishoy K.

“I’ve worked with a number of top attorneys and judges across the country and in working with Nicklaus I have found him to be one of the most honest and ethical attorneys in the field. He is always available to his clients and goes the extra mile to win their cases. I’ve collaborated with him on a number of cases and in my opinion he does a top notch job and I highly recommend his services!”

Marisel R.

“I was ordered deported and did not even know about it. I have been married to a U.S. citizen for 5 years and found out about the deportation order when ICE came to my house to pick me up. Nicklaus got me released on Bond, he reopened my old case, and the immigration judge gave me my green card. I was so scared, but the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti saved the day for me.”

Saskia R.

“Based on my personal experience with Nicklaus Misiti, I know him to be a hard working, diligent, and knowledgeable attorney, particularly in the field of immigration law. As an attorney myself, I personally have referred clients to him that were in need of legal counseling with regard to immigration issues. Nicklaus is an outstanding attorney who has earned a reputation for both fairness and zealously representing his clients.”

Samuel G.

“Our original attorney lost our case and we feared my brother-in-law would be deported. We contacted Nicklaus Misiti’s Firm and he overturned the deportation order on appeal. He than won our case in front of the immigration judge. Now my brother-in-law has been released from a Federal Detention Facility and our family has been reunited for the holidays.”

Santo F.

“Mr. Misiti was able to lift a deportation order and get permanent residence for my wife. The whole process took longer than we had thought it, but everything was a success. Before all this, he was able to finalize an absentee divorce. Lawyer fees aren’t cheap, but I believe he is pretty fair with the prices. He is highly recommended for immigration related issues.”


“I married a woman from a foreign country. I had a former judge who specialized in immigration cases represent me and my wife. upon learning of my criminal history he explained the need to acquire a waiver of the Adam Walsh Act inserted into the immigration process in 2006. having not formally dealt with this he recommended Mr. Misiti. After contacting Mr. Misiti and having our initial consultation he thought he could help and we felt confident with his service. Although it took quite a bit of time as Mr. Misiti said it would the determination was in our favor. I was informed throughout the entire process and he was very quick to respond to all the requests and questions I had. He was very knowledgeable about all the relevant information and paperwork I would need to submit. I feel Mr. Misiti is very competent and knowledgeable on this topic and can be trusted to get the job done if you are willing to put in the effort as well. Overall I would recommend Mr. Misiti for anyone who needed help with an immigration issue and his fee was extremely reasonable.”


“Nicklaus has been a great attorney. Anytime I had a question about my case, Nicklaus was easy to contact. He really cared and had genuine concern. He has done everything that a client would ask of his lawyer. I highly recommend Nicklaus.”


“Mr Misiti handled our immigration case promptly and with a high degree of professionalism. Particularly noteworthy was his willingness to promptly answer any follow up questions after the case was initially filed. We highly recommend him and have referred others to him.”


“My husband and I used Mr. Misiti’s services in an immigration matter that could have resulted in a great deal of misery for us. We had no idea what to do about our problem, but fortunately for us, he handled it and the problem was resolved well within the time we needed it to be. When we had questions , he answered them, when we had concerns, he explained. I found him very helpful and am very pleased that we consulted him.”

A Satisfied Client

“I would highly recommend this attorney he was very helpful with my application and in filing the waivers. Everything worked out just as he said it would and my family was so happy when our long struggle with immigration was finally over. Thank you so much Mr. NIck!!!”


“Fantastic Immigration Attorney. Very knowledgeable in this area of practice. His calm personality and reassurance made us feel confident and comfortable on the day of our interview.”


“Trust -wordy helpful Honest Gifted, Right on Time hire Nicklaus Misiti today & update your status to a better tomorrow call now Live Free, thank you Mr. Misiti I found myself again”


“Worked with a few attorneys and most just try to run up the bills or hit you with fees included in the fine print of their agreement. Mr. Misiti was not this way at all. He took the time to explain all of our options and went over the retainer agreement before we signed it to make sure we understood everything. On top of that our case went exactly as he stated!”


“Many clients have said what a great job Nicklaus has done to help their case. I would like to second that. My life is completely different than it was 2 years ago and I have Nicklaus to thank for that.”

A Satisfied Client

“Nicklaus Misiti provided excellent advice to me regarding a case I had related to my Father’s stay in the US. He made sure we kept our end of the bargain and made timely payments and provided documents but he really cared and went the extra mile for us. Such good service and truthful advice from a top-notch lawyer is rare and I’m happy to have worked with Nicklaus. I highly recommend him for any of your immigration needs. He really works hard for his clients.”


“I used Nick for my DACA application process. He helped me so much, he told me what documents I needed and didn’t need. His office is located in the city but since that was kind of far from me, he accommodated his time to see me in his house (after business hours). At the beginning I was a little worried because I never dealt with a lawyer before so he made my experience a good one. I would definitely go back to him if I ever need help in another case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Nicklaus is very responsive and this is the first thing that made me trust him and after hiring Nicklaus, he explained how we will go through the case step by step, he answered all my questions and exceeded with making the expectations clear, he handled my case perfectly till i won it. When it comes to money he is not greedy at all, he is a good lawyer and I recommend him.”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Nicklaus a few years ago to aid with an immigration issue and he was great. I’m a return customer because I had another issue and again I want to say how happy I am with his services. He really helped me and moved my case forward. I would definitely recommend using his services. It is so hard to find a good attorney and Nicklaus is definitely one!”

A Satisfied Client

“The reviews of attorneys are often reduced to a simple principle: won – good, lost – bad. We completely disagree with this. Life is a strange and interesting thing – you never know where you find where you lose! Our familiarity with Nicklaus Misiti held shortly before we moved to the United States. He was highly recommended us by a very nice people, and the result of our cooperation in the face – our case is granted!

Nicklaus Misiti – is a lawyer who focuses on results and approaches each case with great attention to detail. He – extremely reliable expert in immigration law, a lawyer you can trust, and someone who cares about the customers. We highly recommend Nick Misiti to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.”

Peter M.

“I found Nicklaus on the Internet when I was desperately looking for an exit for the trouble our former lawyer had put us through. My husband needed a AWW and our former lawyer had absolutely no clue of what that was and what to do to help us. I read about Nicklaus here and in other sites, in fact most of the information at that time regarding AWW was coming from him, so I called his office and explained my case and he told me what we needed to do, how much it would cost. Within 3 months we heard from the immigration that our AWW was denied, we are on the second step of I don’t know how many ahead, but all I can tell for sure is that we are very confident that we had hired a very knowledgeable immigration lawyer. We had problems to get a document from the court house and Nicklaus was able to help us from NY. We had a snow storm in Chicago on a Thursday night and NY was hit by the same snow storm on Friday, so some documents I had mailed him were late and still Nicklaus, very resourceful was able to get the documents to the immigration right on time. Every time I need I can email him, if I call the office and I cannot talk to him right away I know I will hear from him within 24 hours, and this makes me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Nicklaus Misiti from Misiti Global.”


“Filed everything quickly, always provided receipts. I’ve used a lot of attorneys and now recommend everyone see Mr. Nick. He’ll do the job!”


“Handled our case perfectly. Explained everything in detail, helped us gather documents and fill forms. Highly recommend.”


“We hired Nicklaus Misiti to represent us for an asylum case. When we started contacting his office to get more information before officially hiring him, he wasn’t hesitant to answer all our questions, concerns and was very helpful. Also, he guided us throughout all the process from beginning to end, told us what to expect, was knowledgeable and flexible. Before the interview, he was able to answer our questions, told us what to focus on and by doing so, we got an approval. Thank-you Nicklaus! It was our pleasure to do business with you and your office!”

A Satisfied Client

“I recommend Nicklaus Misiti to be your immigration Lawyer. He is my lawyer and Excellent at what he do. I must say he helped me to get the freedom I needed. He was very patient throughout the process of my paper work. He will respond to your emails and calls directly, again I Highly recommend his services. He made me feel comfortable and always available to response to questions.”


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything u have done. with all my heart i want to thank you. I want to thank you u now for being a soft and gentle light in my life. Thank you for the thoughtful things you have done for me. Not out of obligation, but out of goodness of your heart and in the spirit of love and concern for my happiness and well being.

You have giving me and my family our life back and you bring so much joy to my life, and i want you to know that i do appreciate everything you have done for me. thank you for the loyalty and trust you had in me also. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of a caring person and not just a lawyer are just doing your job thank you God bless.”

Nadine G.

“I would definitely recommend this attorney. Nicklaus was clearly very knowledgeable and patient with my family. His prices were fair and there were no hidden fees. Due to his hardwork my hardship waiver was approved!!! Overall A++++”


“A good friend pointed me in the right direction. I was in need of legal council an expert in area of immigration. This WEB SITE being spot on, gave me all the history I needed. The person in need of my help was very dear to me and worthy of my help. I was prepared to go the distance, knowing the journey ahead might prove to be A long process in addition to A $$$tag attached to it. Call it A hunch, or God’s intervention. But after reading Mr. Nicklaus Misiti “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, 5 STAR REVIEW” his extensive and trustworthy background of work experience seemed like A good match.

To sum it up, let me sing the praises of this top notch Immigration Attorney, he was knowledgeable, professional and so very patient with me. From the first phone conversation he reassured me comforted me and was truly simpatico. He also keep me informed as to what to expect from the legal system and process. If you are looking for A Lawyer in this area, your search is over, I highly recommend retaining his services.”


“Our marriage case went through without a hitch. Many friends had multiple interviews, we had one and it lasted about 30 minutes. Nick prepared us and our application was approved with no hitches. All of the forms were filled correctly and 6 months from hiring Mr. Nick my wife had her green card.”


“Mr. Nick really helped my family out in a jam. We didn’t have much money or hope and thought for sure my husband would be deported because of his crimes. Mr. Nick allowed us a payment plan and was able to convince the judge my family was important. All my family will go to Mr. Nick with any future immigration’s.”


“Handled everything professionally. The judge was really impressed by this firm’s hard work. Other attorneys really respected the work. Didn’t judge my criminal record and went through everything with lots of knowledge. Explained everything clearly and most importantly won my case!”


“Honestly, at first I did not get a strong impression of Mr. Misiti on the phone. I found it hard to gauge his demeanor and personality (both important things to my wife and I when dealing with something so personal and valuable to us as her green card application). However, I was put at ease upon meeting him face-to-face. Lawyers can feel impersonal, but Mr. Missiti was friendly and easy to work with. He was quick, professional, and took a personal interest in us. My wife got her green card the day of our interview! I would certainly recommend Misiti.”


“I have been a client of Nick’s for 2 years. In that time he has really helped me. He is not the friendliest attorney and got mad at me more than a few times about late payments but I don’t need someone to be nice to me, I just want them to do my case right. He was always there when needed and when I got my green card all my worries went away.”


“Everything went as planned. Glad we hired Nick as we have heard horror stories of other attorneys performance. Highly recommend!”


“Nick really knows what he doing, all what he says went exactly. He win our case from the office in very short time, we appreciated his advice’s to start early to get the status early. For sure we recommend this firm.”


“Lost all hope, so many attorneys had screwed up our case. Nicklaus really helped us. He answered all of our questions and was very upfront with us about everything.”


“Nick was very responsible and knowledgeable. He tried to help me in a lot ways and very approachable every time I email him and call him. He knows a lot of immigration issues involving criminal background. I strongly recommend him for his trustworthy and responsiveness.”


“Nick is a great attorney. I hired him in my immigration case and he was so proficient . He did a great job with filling all the applications in an extremely professional way . I think that that he has helped me a lot.

I heard that a lot of people have to change their lawyers many times but I trusted Nick from the beginning and he did a great job. He responds timely to my questions and keeps me informed all the time . He is perfect!!”


“The moment I spoke to Nicklaus I felt very comfortable and knew that he would be able to assist me.”

A Satisfied Client

“Nick was timely in responding to our need. He met with us in mere hours following our initial phone call and followed up with emails before we even arrived home.

He was quite knowledgeable with the current laws and how to specifically handle the request made by USCIS. We have retained him again to help is sort through the documents necessary for our interview. I would highly recommend him.”


“Helped me with my case where others couldn’t. Many other attorneys took my money and I never heard from them. Nicklaus Misiti did an A+ job!”


“Helped me with all my problems, very professional!”


“I really appreciate his help and he gave me correct path and handled my case in a good way. Always responsive and attentive. You can rely on him for your issues. Thanks Mr. Nicklaus.”


“Nicklaus was very helpful in our immigration mess concerning I-130. From the very beginning he showed utmost professionalism and care to our case. We have talked to a lot of attorneys, but Nicklaus definitely exceeded our expectations. Thank you.”

Mike B.

“For the past eight years I’ve been jumping from one lawyer to the next trying to find a solution to my complicated problem. Before paying the high fee they promise me that everything would be fine. I would call numerous times but no answer and they would take forever to call back. I decided to give one last lawyer a chance and then if the same thing happen then i would give up . That’s when i meet with Nicklaus, he promised that everything would be fine and that i should stop stressing. Three months after the paper work was submitted I got an interview date with excellent paper work and Nicklaus present the interview went as smoothly as can be. Thanks Nicklaus for a job well done!!”


“I had good experience working with him.”

Esmail M.

“Nicklaus is helping us with our immigration nightmare. We have absolutely no complaints about him, he had showed very good knowledge in the immigration matter he is helping us, he was able to help us even miles away to get some documents that for a while seemed out of reach. We don’t know how long this process will take but we know that we hired a very helpful and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Nicklaus will always answer emails and if I call the office and he is not available he will get back within 24 hours. I definitely recommend Nicklaus Misiti.”

Vanessa P.

“All I can say is that we are very happy that my wife will not be deported and that she gets to stay and leave the country as she please and most of all, no stress for our wonderful 9 month old daughter! He is a very reliable lawyer. Highly recommended!”

Alan C.